Wherever you are , be all there .

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Hello there people of Earth .
* All around the world pretty girls . * I seriously cannot get this song out my mind . Anyway , today I'll be ranting about an interesting topic actually . Well at least I find it interesting . I'll be discussing about this famous quote by Jim Elliot . 'Wherever you are be all there ' 

I honestly find this quote really interesting and suits the world we are living in . So , as the years goes by , the technologies kept on growing and becoming better . It's a good thing . I mean , the technologies are helping us to get through the day easily . However , subconsciously  , these wonderful technologies are taking over us or should I say we are letting these technologies taking over us . We are depending too much on the technologies . Take a look around us . There are people on their phone every single second . Whether they are eating , walking , waiting for bus basically everything they are doing , they constantly look at their phone . This habit had cause people to miss lots of wonderful scenery , phenomenon or whatever happening around them . 

I know , through the technologies or should I say your smartphone , information from all around the world is just one click away . But , what's the joy of exploring things by clicking ? It's just a two dimensional pictures on a phone screen . You don't experience it by clicking .  What's more disappointing is that they are people who ignore people around them while being on their smart phones .  They are people who goes out with their family to a dinner but kept on being on their phone throughout the night . What's point of going out with family if the only thing you are going to do is playing with your phone . There's no interaction between family which is basically the goal of going out with your family . Interaction between family members is like the foundation to a happy family . I mean , without interaction , there will be no understandings . 

Secondly , is on a road trip . Most of us are constantly on our phone throughout the journey . We miss the magical scenery along our way because we are basically possessed by smart phone . I mean , come on girl , you spent the whole month planning and paid a decent amount of money for the road trip and the only thing you are going to do is fumble with your phone . Tweeting about how wonderful this place is through your phone . Seriously girl ? Put away your phone , enjoy the scenery around you . It's okay for you to take a few pictures . You know , for memories . But , being on your phone throughout the journey is definitely not a good choice . 

You don't have to go a far-away-land  to enjoy the surrounding . You can start with your own neighbourhood . Go out , take a walk , make some friends . Discover your neighbourhood . But that doesn't mean you don't have to worry about your safety . Be safe while you are exploring . It's going to be fun . Seriously . 

Well , that's it . I'm not saying that I don't do this thing . I do , it's just that I feel like if I'm going to attempt to change this habit , why not do it with others . Thank you for reading . Excuse my grammar and have a wonderful day .  And I think I'll be updating a little bit more often this December . MAYBE . You know , because it's school holidaayyyyyyy . So yeah .

Thank you //BOW

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