Book Review : Aku Bercerita by Ramlee Awang Murshid

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I'm baaaacccckkk ! Told you I'll be updating this school holiday . 

FABULOUS ! So today I'll be reviewing a novel written by Ramlee Awang Murshid which my favourite novelist , Aku Bercerita . This story my friend has the most epic ending ever ! Your mind will be blown by the time you reach the ending . Seriously . Not even kidding . That is how good this book is . 

Basically this story is about a writer who keeps finding a guy using his laptop while he was staying in a hotel in Penang . Every morning he'll wake up to a new story . The way the story was written was exactly his way of writing . So , he decided to make the story his even though he obviously did not write it . 

In this book there are 5 short stories which he magically finds every morning . Bunian , Culik , Cinta Matiku , Sang Kancil and Cut . I like Bunian and Cinta Matiku the most . Cinta Matiku had the best plot twist . It's not a typical love story . It's a different kind of story . If I were to describe this book with one word , that one word will be different . It really is different . A very unique way of writing a story . You should really try reading this book . 

That's it . Goodbye for now . Thank you for reading . Excuse my grammar and feel free to correct them . 


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